cant find sogoupinyin after installed just follow the step on the web, how to fix it?

I follow the step on the web to install the sogoupinyin a input method for Chinese this way.

  1. sudo pacman -S fcitx fcitx-im fcitx-configtool
    and sudo pacman -S fcitx-sogoupinyin
  2. add the
export XMODIFIERS="@im=fcitx"
export GTK_IM_MODULE=fcitx
export QT_IM_MODULE=fcitx

to ~/.xprofile

  1. reboot

  2. after reboot I cant change the input method by pressing ctrl + space, I right click on the keyboard icon at the right bottom and hover mouse on the input method, just show english input method and sometimes nothing pops out.

I enter the fcitx configtool , in the first tab just see one input method named Keyboard-English(US)

I check many post on web but still cant get this done. So how to fix it.

here is other picture, I am a new user cant upload more than one image in a post.

You may need to uncheck 'Only show current language'.

If you cannot find Sogou, try installing fcitx-libpinyin, which is in the repository.

Run fcitx-diagnose in a terminal to make sure everything that you need is installed and configured.

Do you use KDE? You need to put the export content to ~/.pam_environment in KDE instead of ~/.xprofile

fcitx-sogoupinyin is in the AUR, not manjaro's repositories. you cannot install it with sudo pacman -S. i suspect you didn't actually look at the output when you ran that command.

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