Cant download python3.11

I am new in manjaro, and I’ve had a little problem with downloading the latest version of python (3.11),

I’ve tried to download it using sudo pacman -S ..., but for some reason the latest version there is, is the 10th, I’ve also tried downloading it through the official website, the extension of the file was tar.xz and I have no idea what to do with it, because before I switched to manjaro, I used windows, and on windows you just opened the .exe file and thats all you had to do. I watched a few tutorials, and I runned sudo tar -xf /home/p4rtypi5/Descargas/Python-3.11.0.tar.xz, but I don’t think it actually did something, and if it did, I don’t really know what was it.

Before posting this, I searched everywhere, on google, on this forum on youtube… but there was no tutorial on how to update python to the latest version on manjaro, or if it is even possible to do so. That’s why I´m asking for help to anyone who knows.

btw sorry but for some reason I can’t put screenshots

You can’t update something if it’s not available yet.

This extracted the archive in your download folder.
But you did so as a superuser instead of your regular user; that was unneeded. Because of that, you now need superuser privileges to remove it.

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The tar.zx file is likely compressed source code that needs to be compiled before it can be used. Not something that would be easy for a Linux newcomer for something as complicated as python. Python 3 is at version 10 in the stable repositories, but python3 version 11 is in the AUR. Take a look here if you want to build the AUR package. It will be easier than trying to do so from a source tar file.

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