Can't connect USB in vm

Hey guys,
I am using oracle virtualbox and i can’t connect my phone in it , i am using windows 10 in there please help :sweat_smile:

Explained in

Tried Extension pack but end up in this error

I believe the setting you’re looking for is called “USB Passthrough”.

I tried this it is showing the error i shown in 2nd post :sweat_smile:

What is the gksu thing?

Manjaro doesn’t use gksu - there is a symlink called gsku to the zensu script - but it shouldn’t throw errors like that.

You are right about one thing though - you need the extension package if you want to use usb-passthrough.

Have you tried using pamac or is there a mismatch between versions? This can happen shortly after an update to virtualbox where Manjaro stable is behind Arch relating to virtualbox.

I have no idea I installed virtualbox extensions for 6.1.28-1 which is my version but that is also not showing

You shut down your VM - don’t just hibernate it.
Then you go to “Settings” → USB
and add a new filter while your device is plugged in.
It should show up in the context menu.

This device will then be passed through to the VM once you boot it again.

Is this what you did?

it is not even showing the option USB 2.0 and 3.0 only 1.1 , that’s why i installed the extension but after installing the AUR package too it isn’t working.

Failed to install the Extension Pack /home/abhivarma362/Documents/POCO Stuff/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.1.28.vbox-extpack

The installer failed with exit code 2: /bin/gksu: line 12: syntax error near unexpected token else

/bin/gksu: line 12: else

Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) Component: ExtPackManagerWrap Interface: IExtPackManager {70401eef-c8e9-466b-9660-45cb3e9979e4}
this is the full error

AFAIK it will only show USB 1.1 without the extension pack.
That is normal.
Perhaps it is a version mismatch between your Virtualbox version and the extension pack version from AUR.
They need to match.

fixed a simple sudo vboxreload fixed it , now versions are showing but my phone is not showing instead of that some filters are showing

I don’t know what that means.
The second icon on the row of icons on the right side lets you create a filter for a specific device.
The first creates a filter that matches all USB devices.

You might have to select it/activate it inside the VM via the context menu.
Can’t remember - I rarely use Virtualbox.

I gave up , do you how can i dual boot windows 10 along side manjaro , not other way around , give some space for windows and then dual boot

… there are many posts here which describe the procedure …
It’s certainly more involved than just using a VM - which you already have.

i am currently using manjaro and i need to give space for windows 10 , i can’t unmount when i am in manjaro

Of course you can’t.
You’ll have to go back to your installation medium, rearrange and partition your drive and install Windows.

I want to unlock my bootloader of my poco phone and there was a software which helped in doing it but now it is not working for some reason . I thought I can unlock through my vm but passthrough thing is not working :sob:

I’m not familiar with that phone.
But I have done many installations of Lineage OS, mostly onto Samsung phones
and used ADB and Heimdall to do it.
No Windows necessary.
But I don’t know whether that would work or help with your phone.

no bro before all that we need to get a token with mi unlock tool :sob: