Can't connect to the internet

Alright, I’m now fully convinced this is a problem with Linux as a whole and not just Manjaro, because I ran Pop!_OS and Linux Mint and they wouldn’t connect to the internet either. Not even with USB tethering. In fact Pop!_OS straight-up didn’t even give me the option to use wifi.

I’m sorry to hear. Frankly, I’m a bit at a loss as to what else you could try…

I GOT WI-FI TO WORK. Turned out it really was a driver issue. First I connected to LAN with a long ethernet cable routed from my router downstairs and up into my room. Then I wiped and reinstalled Manjaro. Finally I downloaded and installed the broadcom-wl drivers as directed by this post mentioned by @anon88624618: Can't get wifi to work : Broadcom BCM4360 - #4 by Adutchman

And now wi-fi seems to work just fine. Still don’t understand why tethering didn’t work - even on other distros - but otherwise I can’t even begin to describe how relieved and excited I feel now.

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