Can't change resolution

My screen resolution is set to 1024x768 by default. I used to change the resolution to 1080p in other distros using xrandr. But when I type xrandr in the terminal, I get this output:

xrandr                                                     ✔ 
zsh: correct 'xrandr' to '_xrandr' [nyae]? y
_xrandr:6: no matches found: (-r --rate --refresh)*-r:target refresh rate:
    ~  _xrandr                                                  1 ✘ 
_xrandr:6: no matches found: (-r --rate --refresh)*-r:target refresh rate:

So it doesn’t even detect my monitor or does anything.

Seems like xrandr isn’t installed.

sudo pacman -S xorg-xrandr
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Tried that, but that also didn’t work. Then I switched to wayland and everything’s fine now.

Can you post some info ?
inxi -Fza .