Can't burn Manjaro to usb flash

I spend 2 days- result 0. Try everything i find, universal usb instaler, rufus, Etcher (giant 150mb software its not working. I’m so disappointed

try ventoy to flash iso… also the iso may be corrupted…

First of all check your manjaro iso.
Burn bootable usb with one of this soft:

I just burned the current KDE iso a couple of hours ago without any problems. Did you try another usb stick?

No need to install software from websites. I would recommend using the regular software repos.

Yes i try another stick, one toshiba 8gb and one kingston 32gb. Then boot and black screen just seen “grub rescue” or something about kernel. Laptop HP i5 8gb ram

Ps: Etcher it’s not working on my windows 7 ultimate 64bit

so you can flash it but you cant boot… use ventoy to flash the iso… and then disable secure boot/fastboot and enable AHCI in bios

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Ventoy is working! Thanks! I install now ). Secure boot is disabled. Thanks man got bless you

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