Cant boot my 5.10 kernel!

I was on 5.4 stable kernel , new kernel didn’t start like i have only black screen with HP logo and that’s all I have Nvidia 1050 ti , now I am trying to install 5.4 kernel from live usb but :
The following packages will be installed:




resolving dependencies…

looking for conflicting packages…

:: installing zfs-utils (0.8.3-1) breaks dependency ‘zfs-utils=0.8.5’ required by linux58-zfs

I have this 2 kernels and they cant boot , just black screen and HP logo

5.8 has been EOL (End Of Life) for months and is no longer in the repos. Remove it then try again.

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checking dependencies…

:: removing linux58 breaks dependency ‘linux>=3.4’ required by manjaro-system

Just to be sure, are you doing this from manjaro-chroot?

Okay I forgot to login as chroot

What command did you run?

FYI, linux-latest currently provides 5.10.

I have removed linux510-bbswitch but that didn’t solve my problem 5.10 still can’t boot,i have reinstall my GPU drivers also

usr/bin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `overlay’.
I have 1 ssd for system and hdd for move
inside ssd 1,4 giB for EFI