Can't boot Manjaro from a manual install of Grub

Hi everyone,

I dual boot Manjaro and Windows with Grub and recently I’ve installed Archlinux to another partition. I’ve made a new installation of Grub following the instructions in the Archwiki and letting it auto-detect existing operating systems. Windows, Archlinux and Manjaro were all detected and they all work perfectly except Manjaro which just results in a blackscreen.

I’m not sure what’s going on but if I had to guess I’d say Manjaro expects some grub parameters that weren’t created automatically, perhaps?

I’ve tried editing the grub entry to remove the ‘quiet’ option and adding 3 at the end of the line so that it boots directly into a tty, but I still get the same result… Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Manjaro has a customised grub so:

  • boot from a Live Manjaro USB
  • chroot
  • Install grub again
  • update-grub