Can't boot manjaro after installing it

I think legacy_boot flag could be set when you boot in legacy BIOS mode. Could be a sign you mixed BIOS and UEFI somehow.

When i use the pamac install gparted command i get Error: target not found: gparted

It is KDE? right? Then just type sudo kparted and enter. It start. (or gparted)

Still getting the same error

That is bad… I believe any official ISO has gparted or kparted installed.

Update database:

sudo pacman -Sy

Install then:

sudo pacman -S gparted
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It worked now i have gparted

I changed the flags using gparted and reinstalled grub and i am able to boot manjaro but when i boot i get
/dev/sda5: clean, 244000/16384000 files, 1989978/6553600 blocks

And than a black screen

It looks like it first uses the nonfree drivers and than it blinks and shows the same text again but with free drivers and than a black screen

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