Can't boot into my into my Manjaro Gnome installation

I switched over from Ububtu to Manjaro Gnome today. Installation completed but when I rebooted after removing the installation media, it didn’t go past the screen with just the following two lines:

[OK] Started TLP system startup/shutdown.
[OK] Started user Manager for UID 120.

I installed the OS two times but the result was the same both times.

I have a dual boot setup, the other OS is Windows 8.

I have Intel Core i3 processor and a Nvidia graphics card.

Any help will be appreciated.



This isn’t a great level of detail. To provide information people can work with, paste the output of inxi -Fxxxz as text.

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I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out how to get that output. Do I have to run that command at Grub menu?

This solved my problem. Thanks!

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