Cant boot into manjaro after few reboot

Hello to everyone
I installed majaro xfce and after the second reboot i get this when i want to boot
And the var/lib/alsa is empty and i dont have any permission for it
I had similar,issue in windows after reboot it just disapear from bios but with manjaro it is in bios.
Image link
http s://

This is bad that i cant even put image and link :neutral_face:

The screenshots looks like your filesystem got corrupted somehow.
Boot from live usb and run fsck on it.

fsck from util- linux 2.36.2
Thanks for reply

I run fsck and i got some msg i answrd Y to all but i did reboot the only different is instead of boot msg it shows a clicker that never stops
I did unmount my drive before any action
http s://

Update=will i solve my issue by changing mkinitcpio.conf the line number 7
my gpu is amd rx5500xt 8gb

I cannot guess what your file has at that line numbet or what you want to change and how.
Iā€™d look into that file system corruption issue: perhaps the drive is failing.