Can't boot after removing system packages

Hello. I struggled with configuring everything for accelerate haskell library, and during the process I deleted llvm-libs with sudo pacman -R llvm-libs. Then I did reboot and instead of my manjaro I see some terminal (cli tty(?)). I don’t really know what I have done and how to fix the problem without reinstalling the system. Please, help me.
EDIT: I’ve already tried to reinstall it with sudo pacman -Syu llvm-libs, but that itself doesn’t help.

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Then reinstall it with:

sudo pacman -Syu llvm-libs

I’ve already did it, but that itself doesn’t help :frowning:

You could check your pacman log and reinstall everything you removed if you want. However, it would be probably be faster and easier to reinstall. You removed a lot more than that, apparently.

You’re not learning anything if you don’t break something once in awhile. :wink:

Do you mean to reinstall entire system? I have lot’s of stuff there :frowning:

Relating the learning, after that problem I thought of installing arch and start everything with a clean slate…

It really seems like I’ve removed almost everything…

Always backup.

You can boot from a live ISO and backup files somewhere. You can also use manjaro-chroot to access your system if needed.

Did I mention backups?

Thank you very much for your support!

Sorry, I know very little so far. Do I understand right that I need to download a manjaro ISO, burn it to a USB, boot into the system on the USB, access terminal, enter manjaro-chroot and somehow choose the already existing system. But how can I make the backup and how do I recover my manjaro after that?

Yes, but you can access your files from the live system without manjaro-chroot. That’s only if you want to access the system to try fixing the system if you want to try that.

I don’t think I want to attempt that now. But will I (and maybe how) have my files from the old system on the new one?

No, not unless they’re on a separate partition or drive.

Again, from the live system you can access your files from the file manager.

I think I can make it simplier. I have Ubuntu also on my laptop. Will work from there for now.

Thank you very much for your help!!!