Cant adjust KDE's animation speed

So I freshly installed Manjaro Kyria on my laptop. After install and boot it worked fine. Updated the system and now the desktop animations are too fast. I went to the compositor settings and found that the animation speed control slider is missing.

Image up above.
I tried every different setting there is, but to no avail. This worked fine in the live usb and directly after install. Please help.

That's a change brought in by Plasma 5.18 which you will have received during a post install update instead of Plasma 5.17 which was on the ISO, it's not a problem with your machine or a bug. Also, OpenGL 3.1 is better to use if your hardware supports it.

EDIT - It's been moved

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Look in Workspace/Workspace Behaviour/General Behaviour/Animation speed

Many thanks!

I appreciate your effort!

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