Can't add HDD to the Windows 10 VM on Manjaro host

I succeeded installing on my SSD Manjaro, then a fresh Windows 10 VM but now I am struggling adding the HDD with the data I need to access.
I can access the HDD data storage by using the host but I need to get it in my Windows 10 VM.
I tried to add the HDD in Mirtual Manager and I get the error as seen in the following screenshot:

Please tell me where I did the mistake

Hi @tekno23tribe :wink:

I don’t think you can add mountpoint there. You will need to create a disk pool like this here: libvirt: Storage Management

And i don’t see NTFS is supported this way, anyway.

My Disk is formatted as NTFS.
Is there a way to add my HDD to my Windows 10 VM?

There is a option to rerdirect a usb device

Click it and select your HDD,it should be in the VM then.

I get the following info when I keep the cursor in front of the “Redirect USB device”:

“Redirrect Host USB device to virtual machine with SPICE Graphics”

I still didn’t manage to get the HDD to my VM