Cant Add Canon Printer Driver on Manjaro

I am new on Manjaro and I am trying to install Printer / scanner driver for my multi function printer/scanner machine which is Canon ImageClass MF4820d.
The driver installation wizard can not find the driver for my printer model. There are many many many brands and their models but unfortunately my printer’s driver is not on the list.

How can I get my Printer working on Manjaro ?

It appears the Canon UFR II/UFRII LT Printer Driver works with yours. Try cnrdrvcups-sfp in the AUR.

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Thank you for reply. I installed and its showing generic text only printer and i selected and configured but when im giving print, the printer not responding.
Is there any other thing I have to do ?
My printer has scanner function also…
Check screenshot :
https ://

There is driver for my device on official site but its for deb and rpm.
https ://

It appears to be a newer version of the same source the cnrdrvcups-sfp AUR package uses. Might want to let the AUR package maintainer know.

How to let him know?

Turns out it might actually be the cnrdrvcups-lb AUR package:

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Let me try this.
Thank you very much for your reply and time. :slight_smile: