Canoscan LiDE 60 stopped being recognized by Manjaro since the last update

Dear all,

This is a flatbed scanner, which I have been using for about 7 years. I had no problem using it with Xsane until the last Manjaro update. I have searched this forum and did not find any posts about it. I also went through all troubleshooting steps on Arch Wiki (except disabling xHCI) without success. The error message I am getting when I launch Xsane is as follows:

Failed to open device `genesis:libusb:002:018': Invalid argument.

Any more pointers will be greatly appreciated.

You haven't slid the scan head lock across by any chance on the bottom of the scanner by mistake?

I did not realize there was such a switch at the bottom of the scanner, but no, it was not locked. I tried reinstalling xsane and deleting ~/.sane with no avail. I still get the same error message. Of note, scanlite also fails to open the scanner. I tested it on a windows machine to see if the scanner died but it works normally with windows 7.

I can reproduce this behaviour, I've tested it tonight as my young Son is out on his bike with his mates, I had to borrow the scanner off my Son's PC as I given it to him. I have an LiDE 50 doing exactly the same thing on Kernel 5.3rc8 I haven't tested with other kernels but if you are on Stable branch I assume you are running Kernel 4.19?

My HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 scanner is opening properly so it's something specific to these Canon flatbeds unfortunately.

I don't have any further suggestions

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Yes, indeed I am running 4.19.69-1-MANJARO.

Thank you for confirming this and your troubleshooting efforts with me.

Maybe this thread is helpful, despite concerning a brother scanner:

The fix was creating the file /lib/udev/40-libsane.rules.

Hope this helps.

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actually they just tried a different port in the end

EDIT - I've now tried all the suggested modifications in the thread, sadly none work

laptop isn't detecting it either, I'll try with my fairly old custom ISO I know should work. If it does then it confirms the bug at least in the latest version of sane

EDIT 2, old ISO is good but all that proves is something broke in the latest sane update as @hakayova1 hakayova1 said. It's not a solution:

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Maybe you wanna give this one a try:

Thank you for the brainstorming and suggestions! I downgraded my sane to sane-1.0.27-2-x86_64 and it provided a workaround to the problem, similar to @micsim35's experiment. I wasn't sure if I should trust the package at @z0id's link, no offense.
@micsim35: If you need a copy of sane-1.0.27-2-x86_64, and don't have it in your package cache, here is the link :wink: . I confirm that it works.
Thank you again for all your comments and efforts. I truly appreciate them.


Thanks, I'll pass on the downgrade though as I use a different scanner that still works. I just borrowed my old one to test it. I'm glad your happy it's working again. You can block the upgrade to prevent it happening again by adding sane to the ignored package line of pacman.conf (don't forget to remove the # to uncomment it)


I had done it already but did not mention. Arch Wiki is amazing and that is one of the main reasons I chose Manjaro. Thanks again!

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