Canon MFD driver from AUR


OK as some of you know I went to my dad place to fix printer problems with his old HP and ended up having him use his new Canon Pixma 2522 and that worked like a charm after install the driver from the AUR and using the Manjaro settings Manager to get it working.

It worked but I have some reservations about using drivers from the AUR. Any known issues with using Canon Printers/Scanners with Linux? This is the only package from AUR that I installed on his system after having to do a fresh install of Manjaro 18.02.

I’m very wary of having AUR packages on my dad system, especially drivers.


I use the AUR sparingly but it has never let me down as long as you are careful.

My brother mfc-j880dw printer worked flawlessly with aur drivers. It shouldn’t be an issue for you father.


Thanks, I don’t know if his HP just gotten worn out or what but he kept having problems with it not printing.


I did have a couple of occasions where the printer would not work. All it was was a setting in the printer manager. Had to tick the ‘enable’ box. Apart from that it was OK.

Had a look at canons site for your printer. No linux support at all. When are these companies going to pull their finger out. :dizzy_face:


Well there is a driver for it and the support page for the Linux driver states:

“There is no driver for the OS Version you selected. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver.”


That’s where I saw it. So Manjaro has a driver for it? Why would it say you don’t need a driver? Maybe they say that on all their products.

Did it work before installing from the aur?


You know what? I didn’t even try and see if it worked before installing the driver. it didn’t even occur to me to use it first.:astonished:

Next time I’ll run the Manjaro Settings Manager first in the future.


You never know. Might save a lot of hassle. :wink:


Yeah I wish more hardware manufacturers would state if their products are supported or not in Linux. Although Canon did do some good by stating that their MFD may be supported by the Linux Kernel.


The AUR has some risks. Someone could take over the printer-driver account on the AUR and use the AUR to distribute malicious software. The risk is probably fairly limited. Theoretically they could do the same to official repos through man-in-the-middle like they did to Mint (I think). It would be a lot harder though, with many more eyeballs on the case.

I think that for your purpose the AUR is a better solution than some download site. You can check a bit who maintains the AUR-package and their history.


I think the only thing you have to worry about is that it may stop working occasionally and will require rebuilding.