Canon MF735Cx. Can't install drivers

I have Canon Mf735Cx printer/scanner. Few months ago I installed it on my two computers. Now I wan’t to install it on my new laptop but I have an issues with drivers.
I can’t install cndrvcups-common-lb.
Help please :slight_smile:

what is the error or problem?

/usr/share/makepkg/util/ linia 84: RED: unset variable
/usr/bin/makepkg: linia 132: logpipe: unset variable

Up. I installed newest driver cnrdrvcups-lb 5.20-1. I can add printer but can’t print. Nothing happened… I installed Ubuntu for testing and everythings works great:-/ Is there any issue with driver for Manjaro?

What version of ghostscript do you have? I had to upgrade to ghostscript 9.53.3-2 to get canon printer working.

Hi. Maybe you should look at this section in Arch Wiki, which lists 4 versions of UFRII Canon driver. Maybe one of them will work for you.

Many LBP, iR, and MF printers use a protocol that has had several names over the years : UFR II, UFR II LT, LIPSLX . There are multiple packages for these printers in AUR, and atleast the imageCLASS MF4570dn and i-sensys MF633C are reported to only work with the older v3.70 version.

cnrdrvcups-lbAUR v 5.00 - latest version built from source

cndrvcups-lbAUR 3.70 and cndrvcups-common-lbAUR 4.10 : older version built from source

cndrvcups-lb-binAUR v3.70 uses canon provided binaries with location/config adjustments to make them work on archlinux