Cannot wake up from suspend if connected to bluetooth headphones

Hey! I am once again here, asking for help with another never before seen, almost funny issue. On my pc, an omen 25L (with nvidia 2080ti) I cannot wake up from suspend (I get a black screen with the omen logo, no video, no tty, no nothing, only sysrq reisub works) only, and only if I was connected to my bluetooth headphones, with music playing when I ran the suspend command.

I did try the nuclear fix, killing bluetooth with a script right before suspend, and it works, no more freezes, but I’m still left wondering how could this happened?

Any ideas or possible fixes?

journalctl -b | grep sleep doesn`t show anything important although it is curious that, after a failed suspend wakeup the last series of entries stop at: disabling suspend service.

So I don`t get that message: “Your computer is going to suspend now” or smth.

I suspect it also has to do with the nvidia gpu somehow,(I see the nvidia sleep script is called pre suspend) but i don’t know exactly how…

Has anyone seen something even remotely similar?