Cannot upload or attach files from network (SMB) folder


I have an hp proliant home server running debian 10 buster.

I have folders setup similar to most OS’ (Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Videos, etc.). This server is where I work from at home whether I am working on my Windows or Linux desktops or Laptops. I do not have any issues opening or saving files to this location.

However, whenever I try to attach a file to email, upload a file to my cloud storage, I am not able to do this for some reason. Also, when I try to download any files, the Network folder is not available to download to.

I usually have to copy/download files locally, to whatever machine I am working on, THEN transfer/copy/move to where I actually want them.

This works without without issue on my Windows desktop. How can I achieve this functionality on Manjaro?

FYI…I have two different Laptops running Manjaro and I have the same issue on both.

Any insight is appreciated…Thanks!