Cannot update due to ffmpeg4.4

I am unfortunately having an issue that went into effect after I updated, and that is that I cannot update certain packages through Pamac. These include the Dolphin Emulator, Kalendar, MAME, mpv, qBittorrent, SimpleScreenRecorder, btop, and some other dependencies. No matter how many times I try to update them after the update, no changes take effect. In some instances, it spouts an error, saying “could not satisfy dependencies: - unable to satisfy dependency ‘’ required by ffmpeg4.4”, though other times it just updates nothing without an error. sudo pacman -Syu doesn’t detect these packages and cannot update them either.

Yepp, same issue here. Does anyone have a clue how to fix this?

Did you search this issue in the forum?

ffmpeg4.4 the reason many of us can’t upgrade, it’s in the official (extra) repo, and for some reason manjaro is trying to install it alongside the ffmpeg package which stops the upgrade process.

That’s right and I apologize. I don’t know what happend when I searched for it.

I have done a little research about this and the only way forward is to remove the packages that need ffmpeg4.4, do the upgrade and reinstall them afterwards. Make sure you reboot afterwards.

#remove the packages listed by the below command
pacman -Qi ffmpeg4.4 | grep "Req"
sudo pacman -Rs <package_name>
sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
#you can now reboot and reinstall those packages
sudo pacman -S <package_name>

the problem can finally be solved by removing the packages that requires ffmpeg4.4 (in my case it was telegram) and then upgrade. :smile:
the problem itself is confusing because these packages don’t list ffmpeg4.4 as a dependency ( they just list ffmpeg).

I posted this a while ago, and I hadn’t provided an update on this, so I will now. A while after I made the post, sudo pacman -Syu did eventually detect the packages and updated them properly, including ffmpeg. I’m not sure what exactly caused ffmpeg caused Pamac to handicap itself in the first place, but now it’s fixed, and now Pamac updates other packages properly as well.

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