Cannot try live usb with Manjaro KDE: "A start job is running for Modem Manager, LiveMedia MHWD, Network Manager.."

Hi guys!

I am relatively new to Linux and since a few days I'm trying to install Manjaro OS KDE without success. Before posting I have read all the posts related to the topic but I cannot find a solution for my case .. (I've tried other distros like Kde Neon, Linuxt Mint, etc. And I've nver had any problem)


-Laptop: MSI Apache Pro GE62
-CPU: Intel Core i7 @ 2.80GHz Kaby Lake 14nm
-RAM: 8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1197MHz
-Motherboard: Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. MS-16J9 (U3E1)
-Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 630 (MSI); 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (MSI)
-Storage: 238GB TOSHIBA THNSNJ256G8NY (SSD); 931GB Hitachi HGST HTS721010A9E630 (SATA)
-Optical Drives: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GUD0N
-Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio

Before installing it I want to try it through a live usb. For this I used Rufus in DD mode and MBR, as indicated in the manual.

I have tried the boot mode with Legacy, UEFI and UEFI with CSM and disabling the secure boot control.

And the same message always appears:

I hope you can help me.. Thanks for your time!

Use UEFI not MBR. You're system is newer so it uses UEFI. Set it to be UEFI only in your BIOS.
And when you install Manjaro, make sure the hard drive is GPT NOT MBR.
Secure boot is off you said so that's good.
Make a new ISO. If you use rufus, DD mode as you've already done but select UEFI.

Did you check the SHA1 or SHA256 of the ISO you downloaded to make sure it's not corrupted?

Thanks for your reply!

The same message appearing :confused: ,

Is there Any other thing I can do?

Please provide the output from terminal of inxi -Fxxxz. Please be sure to use 3 ``` before and after the pasted content so it's easier to read. Thanks!
Let's get an overview of your system. :slight_smile:

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