Cannot start Anbox (undefined Symbol)

Hello together,

I installed Anbox on my PineBok Pro but I cannot run it. I’ve got the following message:

anbox: symbol lookup error: anbox: undefined symbol: _ZNK6google8protobuf8internal15ThreadSafeArena14SpaceAllocatedEv

I hope someone can help me. Thanks

I just tested anbox here with everything updated on the stable branch on my pi4 and anbox runs just fine. Off the top of my head that error is caused by anbox trying to use a lib it was not compiled with to use. If you are on the stable branch make sure all programs are up to date. If you are on another branch and all programs are up to date then maybe the anbox package needs to be rebuilt.

I agree with @darksky.

It looks like it’s Protobuf related.

Thanks for the answers.

Yeah should be protobuf. I installed it with android-tools. Installed protobuf alone. I removed everything tried to reinstall anbox. But unfortunately without success.