Cannot share screen in apps in Gnome e.g. Teams or Slack

When does support for screen sharing comes with Gnome Wayland Sessions, sorry I am not very much sure about a window server internals, or types? I can switch to Gnome Classic or Gnome on X11 while logging int to my OS account though these latter options sometimes get stuck in login screen with dark screen with a cursor at left top blinking and nothing happens

A search around the internet with the keywords gnome wayland [application name] screenshare[ing] should give some good pointers Not all applications look like they work out of the box. You have to do some work to get them to cooperate or they just don’t work yet.

Thanks, I have been searching though and I will more.
Though I have swtiched to the Gnome Classic from the login screen, bottom right gear icon. Teams screenharing worked.
Now I lost applications launcher and the overview is gone too (where you see the workspaces and apps, or just workspaces birdseye). I would like to bring them back now.

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