Cannot set environment variable to allow DOWNGRADE

Issuing the command:

# SUDO_EDITOR=nano sudoedit /etc/environment

displays the nano EDITOR with the following entry:


After saving and issuing the command:

# downgrade zoom

Downgrading from A.L.A. is disabled on the stable branch. To override this behavior, set DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA to 1.
See  for more details.

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Unable to downgrade zoom

How to downgrade?

Do you have downgrade installed?

pamac install downgrade

to downgrade:
sudo downgrade package name

edit: I didn’t notice that it was an AUR package. I apologize for the misinformation

Another option: in pamac gui settings ==> tab advanced “Enable downgrades”

BUT: as ZOOM is in the repo AUR ==> no downgrade possible

You cannot downgrade a custom package build from AUR


The only thing you can do then is:

rollback to the snapshot before updating zoom ( :mag: snapper pac-snap )

re-doing everything , but not updating zoom

P.S. i do use :mag: trizen

Do you use yay AUR helper?
If yes, You can downgrade zoom, if it exists in yay cache.

$ yay -U ~/.cache/yay/{package}

If no, you modify the PKGBUILD

Yes have downgrade installed.

$ yay -U ~/.cache/yay/zoom
[sudo] password for : 
loading packages...
error: '/home/ /.cache/yay/zoom': could not find or read package
 -> exit status 1

Guess local yay cache was emptied.

if you built zoom using pamac

You may still have the package in the pamac cache

ls /var/tmp/pamac-build-$USER

Have successfully compiled mesa with codecs.

So can now run with latest zoom.

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