Cannot see my own Places for downloading from GTK applications

Hello! I love Plasma Desktop but I find a difficulty now, and I consider it important.
I normally define several personalized Places, because I use deep folder levels. For instance: User/Projects/current_projects/name-of-the-project/photos/. And I define name-of-the-project as a personalized Place, and I can see in the left column of Dolphin. But, when I want to download something from a GTK application like Thunderbird or Firefox, I am not offered my personalized Places to download there directly; I just see the basic of the system. So I have to follow folder after folder the full path to download it. I do not have that problem when I use Gnome, for instance. Does anybody know how can I solve that? Thanks in advance.

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You can create a file called .gtk-bookmarks in your home directory and add your bookmarks in there like that:


(obviously replace the path names and the user_name reference)

After saving the file and re-opening Firefox/Thunderbird/GTK-based application, you’ll see your bookmarked folders/projects - test1 and test2 in this case - in the file chooser dialog window.

Thanks a lot! Yes, it works. Really great solution.

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