Cannot run LÖVE AppImage via Keyboard shortcut

I installed Manjaro Plasma today for the first time, and after a few hours on it I notice that I can’t create a keyboard shortcut to start LÖVE using it. I can run the AppImage fine from the commandline, and I can run pretty much any other application I can think of from keyboard shortcuts.

The following shortcuts don’t work:

  • path/to/love
  • bash -c path/to/love

The following shortcuts work:

  • konsole -e path/to/love
  • konsole -e bash -c path/to/love

I went back and booted from the install USB stick, and it works fine there :frowning:

Obviously, this is very arcane and about a single application. But I’d appreciate anyone else trying to reproduce this issue, or tips on how to debug this. I don’t see a ~/.xsession-errors. Do errors show up anywhere else?

Try what is described here:

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
printf "#!/usr/bin/env bash\n/path/to/love &" > ~/.local/bin/

Then create a hotkey combo executing ~/.local/bin/

@linux-aarhus You got me to the solution! Your script didn’t work, but it got me to redirect stdout/stderr to see if there was any error. And lo, the moment I redirected stdout and stderr everything started working!

I didn’t need to put the script in the background. Here’s the solution I have now:

#!/usr/bin/env zsh
# For some reason I can't run LÖVE directly from Manjaro KDE Keyboard Shortcuts.
# But if I call this script which redirects stdout and stderr, I can.

/home/akkartik/.local/bin/love $* > /tmp/love.out 2>/tmp/love.err

I’m still extremely puzzled about why redirecting fds is necessary. But at least I’m unblocked. Thank you!

( @Wollie Thank you very much, but I don’t think it’s a relative path issue. For three reasons:

  1. I can run relative paths from the commandline.
  2. I’m actually providing absolute paths in my shortcut.
  3. I managed to get this same shortcut working after booting from the install USB stick.)
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