Cannot remove old kernel linux57 using terminal or manjaro settings

whether using terminal commands
sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux57

or the manjaro settings I keep getting the same error message
rror: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing linux57 breaks dependency ‘linux57’ required by linux-latest
I had difficult adding linux58 and it is showing running. I had to install via the terminal.
manjaro settings is not working any thoughts

Hi @Denethor

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After you remove linux-latest meta package you’ll be able to remove 5.7 kernel but in future you need to remove EOL (End of life) kernels by your own.


Thank you never used the forum before. I removed the linux-latest meta package. Been removing and adding my own linux kernels for a while this must be something new thank you for your help

No problem :slight_smile:

Btw Sometimes Manjaro Settings Manager needs some time to show everything correctly in Kernels, don’t know why but if you see that every kernel have install option instead of remove you need to wait some time.

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