Cannot reboot from plasma desktop environment ,

when i click the reboot/shutdown buttom ,the desktop kill some program and still run.i have try to delete ~/.config/ksmserverrc ,but it does not work.

@bakashilifu I saw the same problem yesterday on my pbp. I had to power it down via the power button. I was done for the day and didn’t turn it back on to see if the problem persisted. I will check tonight. I had another problem after a kernel update. I wonder if this is related.

My suggestion is to avoid the power or reset button from your machine to force shutdown/reboot/reset. Always try from Terminal or switch to TTY and run:
systemctl reboot

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Just a small amendment to @bogdancovaciu’s advice: To shutdown use

systemctl poweroff

If it’s still not shutting down the system and you are sure that killing remaining processes won’t cause data loss or corruption then you could force the shutdown with

systemctl poweroff --force

Use it with care!


Or, if this works: hold CTRL + SHIFT then press SysRq & (slowly) R E I S U O ?

I noticed that sometimes the reboots/shutdowns on my laptop with KDE just take very long (minutes between it starting the process and finally completing the shutdown), so did you try to wait somewhat longer?
It’s of course no solution, but just out of interest whether it’s still trying to shutdown or whether it locked up somehow.

I get this sometimes too. Usually waiting on some process.
I set my machines not to hide the startup and shutdown display, makes it easier to spot if something is holding the process up.

i have try to wait for about 10 minutes ,it stil run normal.i think the reboot instruction didn’t performed.

for me it’s happening too. When I hit reboot or power off button. Sometimes power off fast and other times is minutes( or maybe always because I have no patience and use reisuo) . It is happening for me since the lasts updates.