Cannot press enter at login screen after entering password

I was trying to perform a clean reinstall of manjaro after finding my programs were freezing or being laggy when opening. I get to the login screen after booting up my system and it looks strange but my username looked normal so I entered my password. But I cannot press enter or enter the desktop environment. I perused the foeums a bit and learned about accessing terminal at the login screen and did. I am a fairly new user and couldn’t do anything except change my password and create a new user with a new password. But the new user is not appearing in my login screen. Please help : (

Welcome here, @psolomon :tada:

What hinders you to move one of your fingers to the enter key and to hit it? :rofl:

If you meant something else - share it with us.

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Lmao. In all seriousness, though, I tried pressing enter on the keyboard and it does nothing. As an update I restarted the computer and see the new user I created in terminal and still cannot click or press enter.

I don’t know what the issue was, but I managed to reinstall manjaro and the issue was no longer present.

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The source issue was never resolved. Whether it was a bug or something getting corrupted, I will never know.

Yeah but the topic should be closed now.