Cannot place themes in the themes folder usr

Hello am new in on Linux how can i place new plasma themes in the themes folder when i try to place it in the folder nothing happens do i need some special rights indeed please provide me with the steps

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Hi and welcome to manjaro.

Which theme and where?
Plasma has multiple theme locations, but their local $HOME path is mostly in ~/.local/share
(~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme,~/.local/share/icons, etc)

What exactly are you trying to do?

If you try to edit places owned by root you will need privileges yes.
Somewhere like /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/ etc.
For these operations we generally use sudo. For example to copy a global theme;

sudo cp -r ./my-theme /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/

So lets go back to the idea as a whole.
Generally you dont need to use special rights if you just place things in their HOME location.
This will be the same as if you used discover or one of the Get New interfaces in plasma to install an addon, which is another approach instead of manually copying.
And yet another approach is using the package manager,
If a theme is available in the repositories you can install it using pacman or pamac and it will be placed in your root files. This will require privileges.

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As a general piece of advice for an absolute newbie: start with Ubuntu, make backups, do not do anything important on that os and be ready to reinstall at any time. Customization is also not recommended for someone never heard of sudo but on the other hand you will learn that way, when everything breaks.

You should not need to place anything anywhere in the /usr tree.

Use the equivalent place in your home ~/.local/share.


Meh. Depends.
Icons for example need to be in /usr in order to be sourced into SDDM.

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/usr is not to be modified by newbies — see the OP’s first post — because that’s a recipe for disaster.