Cannot open terminal

Just booted the Gnome-18.1.2 live ISO, and I cannot open the terminal. Tried from the dash to dock, keyboard shortcut, and app menu. All I get is a spinning icon for a few seconds, then nothing.

Perhaps one of the devs can look at it.

Also, just noticed, after booting back into my normal install, the clocks have been reconfigured to use UTC time. IMO a live distro should not be changing these settings!

I can't reproduce the issue. Make sure you check the ISO, download it again.

If you booted the Live Media with this option

then that is the correct behavior and result.
Have a read here

Respectfully disagree.
Actually, I agree with OP approach/perspective.

The link explains the issue, but does not justify the behavior of a "one-time-boot" system to make permanent modifications to the host system settings IMHO.

It is possible to maintain host time with existing tools. It's a matter of decision.
Log host time info on boot, change it for the boot, reset host time on shutdown.

IMHO this is worth a feature request for the ISOs and certainly adding a warning message in installation guides and maybe in installers.

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