cannot open ports and iptables not enabled

i was using raspbian on pi4. now using manjaro. i was able to open ports for torrent until i installed manjaro. i have tried using ufw, no luck. iptables is not enabled. i have tried ktorrent and transmission, no luck. why can't i open my torrent ports? also, i am not behind a router.

Because Manjaro does not always enable a firewall - that means that everything is available.

You don't have to open ports - they are not closed.

If you need to implement a firewall you will have to install and enable it.

How should one understand that?

Directly connected to a public IP?

sorry. i should have mentioned, all ports are closed... i have tried port tests and all are closed. i can still use web. single computer, no router, just wifi.

You need to have something listening on the port, before it gets opened.

Manjaro ARM does not install or configure any firewall by default, so all connections (that are listened after) will get through.

Example: SSH
We enable SSH by default, so by default port 22 is open on the device.
If you disable SSH, you will see that port 22 is not closed.
To re-open port 22/SSH you need to re-enable the SSH service, which listens on that port.

Then you have disabled SSH yourself. By default port 22 is open, because the SSH Daemon is running.

i already said all ports show closed. i cannot get torrent to use ports. i never went near ssh. i am on a default install.

Then you probably need to forward something in your Router/Modem (Wifi access point) to get that to work.

And no, if you have a default install, then you have SSH port open on your Raspberry Pi. But it still won't be open in your Access Point, unless you forward the port through it.

no router/modem. wifi is motel. i have no control over access point. thats what i meant when i said no router. also, no that port is not open. ALL ports show closed. do how am i supposed to forward it, when i have no access to router or modem? i live in motel.

How are you checking for open ports?
You need to check locally on your Pi's IP. Not from outside (via a website).

You can't. That's the whole idea. The one controlling the Modem/Router, controls the Wifi.

so i cant use torrent?

You still haven't answered how you are checking for open ports?

And no, if the network administrator is blocking ports, you can't do much to get around that. Other than maybe using a VPN.

i checked using nmap. sorry. a vpn?

You should try searching the internet. You can find lots of information that way:

thank you for help.. i will just go back to raspbian.

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