Cannot mark as solution in mobile view

I had to switch to the desktop view. Is this a bug? Android+FireFox.

Can’t reproduce. I can browse any post with Firefox 100.2.0 for Android and the Solution button is available.

Seems like the solution label is half-clipped, and if I click the … button, which I probably clicked to find a menu to mark as solution, it gets completely hidden from the view, and there is no way to close the … expansion.

Pixel 6 running Android 12, 2400x1980, 411 ppi, 420 dpi (xhdpi), Display size: Default, Font size: Large:

I neither can reproduce it on my Pixel 3 nor my PinePhone running Phosh.

Did you try in Landscape orientation?

I think the mobile website should display the buttons multiple rows instead of clipping, when there is not enough horizontal space.

Landscape mode makes the solution label visible (although the buttons look different from your screenshot), but I rarely use landscape mode (locked to portrait). It probably is not a good idea to expect users to switch to landscape mode to view overflowed elements.

Well, maybe if you shared your phone details? It was kind of implied that you probably should seeing how I did. :wink:

I’ve unmarked your solution as wishful thinking doesn’t count as one.

Discourse would have to implement that. Perhaps search their forums and see if anyone has made a similar request. If not, create one with more details.


  • settings - display - font+window size are adjustible.
    This is not a manjaro problem, it’s your phone.

That is a weird way of thinking. A website should try to work in different screen sizes. That’s web accessibility. Not the “This website is best viewed in IE 6 and 1024*768 resolution” mindset again. Sure, I am using 150% font size, because the default font size is too small to read, but that is the settings that FireFox gui allows; I didn’t hack or modify Firefox binary to work it in my own way.
As the other person has said, it may not be this website’s problem but who made the basis of this forum, Discourse, I guess, and well, may be ir could be of low priority, because there are more important problems to fix, but I think it is wrong to think that the client’s browser is problematic because its width is not enough.