Cannot Log in to Gnome-Xorg-Session, Black Screen

Tried to log in to gnome-xorg on my laptop with intel hd 400 graphics --result is a black screen.
Even with manjaro gnome Live-USB-Stick gnome-xorg-session doesn’t start.
Wayland session is working.

@ara According to the arch wiki try uncommenting the following line in /etc/gdm/custom.conf:


No, didn’t even get to login screen after that change.
Tried Linux Mint on Gnome 3.36, recent Ubuntu with Gnome 40.2. – all working with Xorg.
Seems a Bug in latest Manjaro/Gnome 41 in Combination with Intel HD400 Graphics under Xorg.

Just checked with an older Manjaro-Gnome Release with Gnome 3.38.2
X-Session is working.