Cannot load current theme and cannot login to desktop

Can anyone guide me on how to fix this error?
I can access TTY but i have no idea what to do.
I checked sddm.conf.d and Theme is set as breeze
This happen after I reboot shortly after updating an app via Add/Remove Software
Thank you~

The current theme cannot be loaded due to the errors below, please select another theme. file:///usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze/Main.qml:12:1; plugin cannot be loaded for module "org.kole.plasma.core": Cannot load library/usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/plasma/core/

when I ran startplasma-x11 it return with:
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Welcome to the forum! :vulcan_salute:

Never update only one application. Always update your entire system, or else your system will be in an unsupported partial-update state.

As the matter of fact, there is another major update waiting right now… :point_down:

well, looks like sddm decided to shut down all together now.
Uninstalled sddm, and now still cannot run startplasma-x11

I may be wrong but the way I understand it, yes sddm is optional, but you still need a display manager, so you would need to install one of the alternatives.
So what did you replace sddm with, and did you ensure it was properly configured?

The current version of the libplist package installs This package was last updated in July 2023. If something is looking for, that implies that your system is not up-to-date.

As Aragorn has already suggested, it is important to keep all packages fully updated.

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