Cannot leave sleep mode

Installed 22.0.3 on VBox 7.0.6. On start it logs me in automatically. After a while it went to sleep, asking for the password to log in again.

I gave the correct password. XFCE/manjaro asks the password again - forever.
I know that I entered the correct password. When I enter a wrong password, I get a message that the password is wrong.

Powering down the VM does not help: manjaro does not start up and login automatically, but asks for the password again.

What can I do about it? Start with a live iso and change something?

Try to boot in emergency mode by appending emergency, or e for short, to the kernel parameters in your boot menu, then check the logs for the last boot using:

journalctl --boot -1

It might show you why things go wrong…
PS: You might need to remove splash and/or quiet also, to see some bootup messages.


Tried a bit on initramfs level, than decided to re-install manjaro at all. Now it runs fine.