Cannot launch Manjaro Deepin 18.0.2 live USB

I burned Manjaro Deepin stable 18.02 on a USB drive using both Rufus and Etcher, i have this error message popping when i try to boot the live version from the USB stick :
ERROR:/dev/disk/by-label/MJRO1802device did not show up after 30 seconds…
I tried the ISO and it works fine on virtual box.
when i tried to cd /dev/disk i can't seem to find the "by-label" directory.
What is the problem here ? I already installed a previous version of Manjaro Deepin a while ago and i didn't notice this problem.

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I downloaded the ISO and burned it with Etcher but i'm still having the same problem, tested the ISO on virtuabox and it's working fine.

Just a hunch but in bios do you have two entries for the usb installer? They should look relatively the same with the exception of one saying partition 2. Try booting that selection.

Also you should really edit the thread title to reflect the current ISO you are working with.

Here's what i get when i enter bootmode :

Boot mode is set to: Legacy: Secure boot:

Hard Drive
USB Storage Device (This is the one i choose for every Linux distro install and i never had problem with it until now)
EFI USB1 PATH1 (ADATA  USB Flash Drive) (I noticed it after reading your message, i tried it but i have the same problem as the option above)

Can you test the prepared USB boot disk?

I don’t know . I never installed deepin in legacy mode. I don’t even think you can?

I tried to boot MX Linux to see if my USB stick is causing the problem and it seems to be the case. I formatted my USB stick using mint stick and burned it using Etcher and everything seems fine but it still doesn't work and i'm having the same error message.
How can i test the USB stick/figure out what is wrong with it ? apparently it works just fine as a storage device but i can't boot a linux distribution using it.

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??? this ???

I tried this but i don't know if i did it the correct way :

sudo file -s /dev/sda
[sudo] password for lyes: 
/dev/sda: DOS/MBR boot sector

USB stick is sda?
I think it is not.

sudo file -s /dev/sde
/dev/sde: DOS/MBR boot sector; GRand Unified Bootloader, stage1 version 0x79, boot drive 0xbb, stage2 address 0x8e70, 1st sector stage2 0xb8db31c3, stage2 segment 0x201

You are right, here it is :

sudo file -s /dev/sdb
[sudo] password for lyes: 
/dev/sdb: DOS/MBR boot sector; partition 1 : ID=0xc, start-CHS (0x0,32,33), end-CHS (0x3ff,254,63), startsector 2048, 30308352 sectors

Missing in your output

but I'm not an expert on that.

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