Cannot install VMware-VMRC?

I’m trying to install the vmware-vmrc AUR, but I can’t get it to install.

When I install via AUR, I follow the directions of the comments on the AUR website listing such as downloading the package and changing the PKGBUILD to point at that download, it seems to work, but then it will give me an error that there are conflicting files. The files that its conflicting with is VMware workstation 16 (also downloaded from AUR but it actually works).

When I try to install via the bundle, it gives me an error that it didn’t finish installing and to check the installation log. [2021-01-28 18:36:49,121] [2021-01-28 18:36:49,121] [2021-01-28 18:36:49,121 - I’m not sure what the problem is there.