Cannot install the package lib3mf-1

I want to install freecad with the openscad optional dependency. However, when I try to install openscad I get the following error :
warning: cannot resolve “lib3mf-1”, a dependency of “openscad”. And if I try to install lib3mf-1 directly I get the following error :
error: target not found: lib3mf-1

I am on a Raspberry Pi 4 using aarch64. Can you please help with this problem.

                Thank You.


pamac search lib3mf
pamac install lib3mf

I do not see lib3mf in our repo or arch-arm repo or AUR. I do see a pkgbuild in arch x86.

pamac search lib3mf returns nothing (not even an error) echo $? returns 0.
pamac info lib3mf returns Error: target not found: lib3mf
and pamac info lib3mf-1 returns Error: target not found: lib3mf-1

It won’t build on aarch64.

O.K. Darksky, what is the solution ? Do you take lib3mf-1 out of the dependencies for openscad or can I not install openscad and just go for freecad ?

I’m not sure why openscad is in our repo or arch-arm’s if it will not install. Pretty sure lib3mf is there for a reason but I know nothing about openscad.

O.K. Darkstar, I will miss out openscad and just go for freecad. Thanks for your help.

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