Cannot install Manjaro live CD on new Celeron N95 processor and video


I am trying to install Manjaro in a new mini pc with an Alder Lake-N processor, model Celeron N95. When booting the live CD with free or proprietary driver options, the monitor connected thru the HDMI port gets no signal right before systemd-udev message!

Looks like a problem with the Intel HD video driver i915. I tried to pass the option modeset to get Manjaro to even get installed, but the screen starts to blink just after the starting gdm message!

Can anyone please try to help me? Much appreciated!

Info: Manjaro gnome stream, latest stable ISO. Kernel 6.1!

Thanks a lot for any help!

Maybe get the ISO with Linux 5.15 LTS. Or install the kernel on your system.

hi @philm , thanks for your reply. that was an old message of mine, solved with the help of @Yochanan.
are you sure you wanted to refer to my message in your reply?

Depends what the solution on your end was. Based on the info here the graphical drivers seem not to work properly. Either the CPU needs a newer kernel version on which we don’t have an ISO yet or an older kernel we have an install media for can be tested.