Cannot install manjaro because fonts are unreadable

Posting this here because it's i3, but I'm not convinced it's an i3 issue.

I've used i3 manjaro for some time now. And yes, sometimes there is unreadable text.

But now even the installer is unreadable! Trying to put it on another laptop.

What language have you set in the install media GRUB menu ?


I left the installer, changed the colours, and then installed it fine.

But I'm curious why fonts are often so unreadable in Manjaro i3. This is the first time it's happened during installation (which I've probably done 5 or 6 times in all), but eventually I always run into the problem, usually in Libreoffice or third-party programs with GUI.

Not quite sure why you have to reinstall so often. What ISO have you used?

What kind of problems? Something that can't be fixed?
Since the location is detected automatically, hence will switch to an asian language and fonts in your case, keeping EN as language might not render fonts ok.

Such issue is usually due to

  • media error
  • error during download
  • error during write to media

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