Cannot install latest VSCode

SOLVED: I just solved the issue, pamac wasn’t updating the AUR packages for some reason, I installed yay and run yay -Syua and it updated the package correctly.

Hi everyone! I’m quite new using Manjaro, and it’s my first rolling release OS.

The problem is that I have two Manjaro installations in different computers. In my laptop I have the latest VSCode installed through AUR: visual-studio-code-bin 1.49.3-1, but on my desktop PC, running the latest stable kernel, just updated everything, but the package I have is visual-studio-code-bin 1.46.0-1.

I’m completely lost with what’s going on, how can I have such an old version in this PC? I tried updating everything but VSCode won’t update.


As packages build using AUR are unsupported you will need to be explicitly tell Pamac to rebuild the packages.

A version of VS Code is available in the official repo (Arch inherited) and the version in the repo is not the exact same version as the official - especially some Microsoft specials has been left out and the electron framework has been separated into it’s own package.

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