Cannot Install Gpu Drivers

I have just started using using linux on my laptop. I tried to install gpu drivers with this command user $ sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300 . I get this error. What should i do?? My GPU is GTX 1660ti.

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300                                    ✔ 
> Using config 'video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime' for device: 0000:01:00.0 (0300:10de:2191) Display controller nVidia Corporation TU116M [GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Mobile]
> Using config 'video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime' for device: 0000:00:02.0 (0300:8086:3e9b) Display controller Intel Corporation CoffeeLake-H GT2 [UHD Graphics 630]
> Installing video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime...
Sourcing /etc/mhwd-x86_64.conf
Has lib32 support: true
Sourcing /var/lib/mhwd/db/pci/graphic_drivers/hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime/MHWDCONFIG
Processing classid: 0300
Sourcing /var/lib/mhwd/scripts/include/0300
:: Synchronizing package databases...
error: failed to synchronize all databases (unable to lock database)
Error: pacman failed!
Error: script failed!

It seems you are doing this while another installer runs in the background. Probably you did it while also doing this

So, don’t do multiple installs in the same time from different terminals. Do one, then another.
Also, this should help if the issue continues.


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