Cannot import music to Pinephone in Lollylop

Hello, I am posting here since there is not Phones category for Support. I jusst got my new PinePhone Community Edition and it’s amazing. But I just have one problem, I can’t import my music from my SD card to Lollypop cause the scaling of the app doesn’t work. XD

Can it be done through terminal somehow? If not do we know when this will be fixed?

There is, and I’ve just moved your thread in there. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for your problem, I’m going to leave that into the hands of people much more experienced on account of this subject than I am. :wink:

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  1. Copy the music to your PC (if ubuntu Sound Juicer is great)

  2. Confirm your pinephone is on your home network

  3. scp from your pc to your pine phone

    $:~/Music$ scp -r ./* manjaro@

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