Cannot get past "Started Accounts Service"

Hi !

I got an issue when i tried to install manjaro, i can’t get past “started account service”… it time out after 120s.
I got that after the account service : task Xorg.wrap:1247 blocked for more than 120sec.
Somebody have a solution ?


The error appears when you’re trying to boot livecd?

Did you try boot livecd in ‘safe’ mode, eg. with nomodeset kernel line option?

Tell us if it is laptop or PC and what graphic card(s) it uses.

More information is needed to troubleshoot. What edition is this? Is this live iso or installed system you are getting error with?

I made a bootable usb drive with the last manjaro cinnamon 16.X iso, used on laptop for the graphic card i don’t know…

Which install media did you use? When does the time out happen? Already on boot-up of the live-media? The more details you post the faster we can help you.

i use bootable usb drive.
when i tried to boot the usb drive.

Seems like X server failed to start. What’s your graphic card and what did you choose? Free or nonfree driver?

Seems like a broken iso. I usually get those on my testbuilds. In that case I rebuild the iso. You should not get that on stable iso if you checked that md5 sum was right burned the iso to usb properly (not with unetbootin).

Could be drivers/hardware issue too. Anyway, it would be important to know what iso you used.

If it’s the live media problem, I usually make a bootable drive of all distros with dd, unetbootin and the others are just too prone on errors as they are more concerned about Ubuntu and Mint.
Just a simple sudo dd if=/path/to.iso of=/dev/sdX
Replace sdX with your usb or dvd drive path. Then you are free from unnecessary problems. :slight_smile:

I tried with the v15.X and it works so I will stay with this version…

I have the same problem…

The same happens to me. I created an USB with Rufus(.exe) in ISO Mode, it doesn’t matter if I choose “free” or “nonfree” in the boot screen, both ar freezing at “Started Accounts Service”.

Details: manjaro-xfce-16.06.1-x86_64.iso // Asus Rog Gaming-Notebook with i7-6700 CPU (integrated GPU) and GTX 960M. Parallel i have currently installed on this device Mint, Deepin and Solus, so, usually the device works :o)

Update: Does not work with dd created usb too, same issue. I have tried “nouveau.modeset=0” and “nomodeset”, with “free” and “nonfree” chosen. Sorry, i don’t get it work… Any Idea?
Update: Have tried the newer version manjaro-xfce-16.08-x86_64.iso, does’t work either :frowning: it is stuck with “Started Accounts Service”, this is the output with “debug” kernel option:

@aznyouth1, @Schroeffu Have you installed manjaro on your Asus gaming box successfully?

Running into same issues when trying to boot live USB on an Alienware 17 r3. Any luck getting past Account Services?

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