Cannot get it working - USB issue, WINE app and controller

I have a MIDI controller (Arturia Keylab MKII) attached to the pc via USB (running Manjaro Pahvo). When using this with a DAW (in this case Reaper) or indeed using it with stand-alone software instruments it works fine, system sees it connected at the correct USB port etc etc.

But, when I try to use the Arturia Editing app with it, the app (running under WINE, staging 6.14) it cannot see the device and tells me it is not connected.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know of a “step by step” instruction anywhere I can follow to fix it?

I’d rather not have to install VMWare or even dualboot just to use instrument editors…There must be a fix but after searching for quite a while I can find nothing definitive.

Have you tried Arturia’s forums e.g?

Yep, and even contacted Arturia support - it’s a WINE/Linux issue