Cannot find wifi antenna

So I decided to check out Manjaro+i3 because I wanted to give i3 a go. However I cannot connect to the internet on the live environment to actually proceed with the installation. iwctl does not exist andsetting up any of the devices I found using up link has had no result. However I can see the divide both in rfkill and lsusb and there doesn’t seem to be any issue with it (to my noob eyes at least) I would appreciate any help I can get, but pls note that I will likely not be active for the next 12 hours or so because network issues.

Hi :wave: If you are able to post your hardware info (inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width) of the machine you want to install on there might be a user who can help you. see howto for formatting. (are you using architect?)

To get you started: Look up the wifi hardware / machine on to check compatibility and the arch linux forum/wiki for the parts / machine type. Usually if it is not bleeding edge hardware there are users who solved issues and left clues on how to solve / fix / circumvent your specific issue.

Did you try with nmtui?

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Ok so 12 hours and 2 restarts later I was able to connect to wifi through bmenu… thank you for your help

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