Cannot entirely move files to external HDD

I cannot move my course video files from my SSD, which has Manjaro, to my external HDD.
These files are in gigabytes, and I cannot move them. ONLY the folders with NO content get moved to HDD.

Folders like GATE, GATE(1), GATE(2) are created when I tried to move the GATE folder from SSD to HDD.

I can’t even delete any of them.

Whereas, small files, like a picture can be moved.

What do I do?

PS: I provided links in form of code blocks since it didn’t allow me to include any link.

Sounds like a user privilege problem. btw none of your images are viewable.

What is your HDD’s filesystem?

Can you try to use rsync -ar /“source” /“destination” ?

It also looks like you’re trying to delete trash - that’s not the best plan.

To completely copy files from a disk I generally use rsync with progress.

For example, if the disk is mounted at /run/media/ben and I want to shift everything to my SSD, then I’ll do this:

rsync -avh --progress *.*  /mnt/SSD/

However, you WILL have issues trying to play around with .Trash.

If that fails, then you could try again with privilege:
doas rsync -avh --progress *.* /mnt/Destination

This looks like a problem with permissions - instead of the folder view, you could try again like this:

See permissions and progress etc.

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