Cannot enter the Bios after kernel update

I installed Manjaro as dualboot on my Lenovo ideapad 700 laptop.
After some problems with the UEFI configuration, solved in Freshly installed Manjaro GRUB minimal bash at boot I finally was able to get things working.

After a kernel update, the pc power went off and now I’m unable to enter into Manjaro from grub since it says the same as this

Now I’d need to run the live USB from the bios options to try to fix the problem.

But when I’m trying to make the Bios show up at startup I press the keys fn+f2 (as I already did in the past), I hear the beeping sound, but the bios interface doesn’t show up at all.

Since grub is installed and I can access Windows, I tried to advance reboot into the bios from there.

I tried once and the situation was even weirder as I went into the bios interface but when I moved to the security tab, the bios freezed and I couldn’t select anything else. Later I tried back and was able to get there but I noticed that there’s no boot submenu.

I would like to know if somehow this failed update can have something to do with this issue and I would be thankful if I could get any assistance to solve the problem… In particular is it possible to somehow restore the bios to its original values (in case it’s corrupted), try some or if there’s any workaround either from Windows, Linux or grub2 itself?

Are you sure you need to use the fn key ? Normally you only need a single function key (whether F2 or F10 or…)

There’s normally a “reset” option within the BIOS settings. Depending on your machine, you might be able to disconnect the CMOS battery to reset it “the hard way” (but keep in mind you’ll likely lose all UEFI settings like bootloader entries at the same time too).

I have Lenovo laptop with Manjaro XFCE. I don’t need to press fn+f2 to access the BIOS. Just f2 key. Did you try to enter in boot menu, do you have that option? On mine laptop is f12.

If you have another kernel, can you try another kernel instead?
Most likely, your current kernel (4.14)is not updated properly…

If you do not have another kernel, you will need to chroot into it and do a full reinstallation of a kernel.

ps: are you still using that “Ubuntu shim” to boot?
Careful you do not remove it.
And… did that kernel-update do a ‘grub-install’ (not update-grub; that’s ok)?
You may have to redo the whole ‘shebang’ (?) again.
Just checking. Hope it’s not that.

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If you use UEFI, you should be able to boot directly into the BIOS without pressing keys with

sudo systemctl reboot --firmware-setup

Interesting flag!
I couldn’t find it in man reboot nor man systemctl.
Where is it documented/listed?

more listed then documented.

should be under OPTIONS and above COMMANDS in man systemctl


I tried to use another kernel under the advanced options section I only have:
4.14.30-1-MANJARO x64
4.14.30-1-MANJARO x64 -fallback initramfs
but I get the same error:
error: premature end of file/boot/vmlinux-4.14-x86_64
error: you need to load the kernel first
I get I should try with those things but the problem is more one the bios side since I can’t even enter it to boot from the USB.

I tried anything, also f12 and f2. The result is the same:
there’s the beep sound as if I were to enter in the bios and then I get a black screen.

I tried also with f2, with same result. If I had to hard reset the bios, I get would loose the bootloader entries, how will I restore everything back to normal?

I am not certain, but I believe you won’t.
Anyway, if you get your UEFI reset you can use the Manjaro LiveISO to boot and fix at least Manjaro and most probably Win too.

I could give it a try.

Do you have a Novo button just forward of the audio jack on the left side. If so, power off the Ideapad and press the Novo button to boot it up and according to the user manual:

“When the computer is off, press this button to start the
Lenovo OneKey Recovery system or the BIOS setup
utility, or to enter the boot menu.”

I have an Ideapad Z510 and the Novo button (in a different location) works this way also.

Is it something like this?

Yes. It’s in the right location. What happens if you push it with the Ideapad turned off?

I have a selection menu for bios, boot menu and other options, but even in this case if I choose bios, I come up with a black screen. This is so frustrating, I think that maybe the bios can be corrupted somehow

Can you enter the boot menu? If so and you have a Live ISO of Manjaro or any distro on a USB stick or CD can you boot from it. If you cannot select anything in the boot menu then you may have a corrupt BIOS. I’m out of ideas.


You have only one kernel.

Sorry, I think that’s what you’ll have to do. The other methods suggested here will still try to boot 4.14. Just that it’s a lot harder (sorry folks).

After all the bios was corrupted, I installed the new version from here under Windows
Then I ran my manjaro live usb.
After that the solution posted in the previous post was not working and neither did an upgrade with sudo pacman -Syu, I mounted the partition with Linux, chrooted and then installed a new kernel with the command

mhwd-kernel -i linux415 -rmc

After that I entered the restored linux system and updated grub

sudo upgrade-grub

Thanks to everyone for your time and advice :grin:


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